Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Project

A trip to grandma and grandpa's house should always
include some really neat project that mom or dad would
never think of completing!

Since we like to pick up things that others discard. I had
found this chair on the side of the road. It was water
stained grey and the legs needed to be cut to get rid
of wear and rot.

The first day we painted it white (any light tinted color
would do) and let it dry in the sun...didn't get a photo
of that...used a water-based paint because I get it all
over me and knew my grand-daughter would also!

After it dried I dug out my collection of acrylic paints from
over the years and we tested them out on the chair.
A nice subtle paint job would never do and so we decided
not to paint anything the same color and switched them
from side to front to inside to back! It was least
grandma had a good time...i think Sajarie did also!

The seat had a really neat pattern (it did not show up till we
put the white paint on) so we decided to paint each
section its own color and the pattern also included circles
between each square so of course that too was different.
And grandma did not worry about overlaps or paint going in
different areas...we just played and enjoyed ourselves.

I think now i might put a thin line of black around the different
squares of the seat and maybe more design on each color or
section of the chair for interest! Why not! This is really a fun
project and it is all imagination!

Cutting the legs a little made the chair friendlier to the short legs of a
child. This is definitely a work in progress - updates as we moved along.

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