Saturday, May 9, 2009

under the oaks

some times you gotta clean up areas
around the house...
this is out by the compost heap...
we had a real nice supply of worms and
a few tomato plants growing and herbs..
but we also had some chickens next door
that really really liked my worms, tomatoes
and herbs.

so i cleaned up the area and my new little
puppy chased the chickens back to their

Suzanne McMinn's "Chickens in the Road"
blog had a forum on garden art and
really beautiful pieces of sculpture
made from pieces of glass, china,
pottery and pots...

i remembered my area and here are some of
my ideas to add to the mix.

this is the area i use to dump the old
and begin the new...because of the
rains during the summer you gotta get
rid of the puddles of standing water
so i turn my pots upside down and stack i arrange them cause i
like them this way!

the saucer does have some water in it
now for the birds to drink cause there
is no rain...

i believe i will clean up the glass and
weight the bottom, glue them together
maybe some colored marbles to sparkle...