Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Trying to decide what projects need the most attention the fastest!

Here is one that will have to wait a little longer...
I have finished the top and have enough
to complete the backing with some leftover squares and
pieces along with large piece of black...
This is a kit i bought and thought it would be fun to do....
i really like plaids.
Difficult to sew on flannel when it is 100% humidity and
over 90 outside.

Now this has become a favorite project....
Since my husband loves to fish and we do try to go out
as much as possible...
even vacationing in the down there in the clear,
clean waters is really fun. (i have to see land at all times though)
Anyway it was hard to judge the size of the catch by the fillet
after cleaning and the fish tales were stretching past the
limit of i started keeping record!
Of course this time my fish was the biggest and i really took
care to get a copy of it. This guy was big...and i have a print to prove it.
(more about the finished idea)

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