Sunday, June 1, 2008

From out of a mess....

This is the mess! Eight years of accumulation, stacking, saving, shopping, digging for
something and not finding it....I gave up.

I had lots of really neat things i just could not get to them or use them.

I could not reach the fabric i had put in this really neat breakfront i inherited
from my parents....
and i had used every inch of these way over my head storage shelves...but what was in
the boxes...clear but still what was in the boxes?

I had taken the doors off one closet but it really wasn't very useful...or used to its best

And if i got real creative and dug deep enough i left piles everywhere...very depressing
and not productive at all.

Loved the tool chest my husband had given me for Christmas a few years ago but couldn't
reach it and did not use it....also the antique dresser and type tray.

My work table was not functioning well either...couldn't work on it.

I love this stash of really rich upholstery fabrics i had acquired a couple of years ago, but
could not really see what was there.

That very tall shelving unit (really two units together) i could not reach because of the
stacks in front of it....i had just about given up...and the door stayed closed and i sewed
in the living room.

I needed help.

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